10 Remote Executive Assistant Jobs in Europe 2024

As remote work continues to become a defining factor in the professional landscape, the role of an executive assistant has undergone a transformative shift. In 2024, the demand for skilled and adaptable executive assistants is expected to rise, providing opportunities for professionals to build dynamic careers from the comfort of their homes.

In this blog post, we will explore ten remote executive assistant jobs in Europe that are expected to thrive in 2024. From bustling cities to tranquil countryside, these roles showcase the versatility and global reach of remote work and provide a glimpse into the future of executive assistance in the European job market.

Can Executive Assistants Work Remotely?

Yes, many executive assistants can work remotely, and the trend is growing! Here’s why:

Technology enables it: With cloud-based platforms, video conferencing tools, and secure messaging apps, executive assistants can access necessary information, manage calendars, schedule meetings, and communicate effectively with their executives from anywhere.

Flexibility and cost benefits: Remote work offers flexibility for both executive assistants and executives, allowing for better work-life balance and potentially reducing office space costs for companies.

Demand for talent: With the rise of remote work culture, some executives are increasingly open to hiring talented assistants regardless of location. This opens up a wider pool of potential candidates for employers.

However, there are some factors to consider:

Nature of the role: Some executive assistant tasks may require physical presence, such as handling confidential documents or managing office supplies.

Executive preferences: Some executives may prefer in-person communication and collaboration, so remote work may not be ideal.

Company policies: Some companies may have restrictions on remote work, particularly for roles with access to sensitive information.

Overall, the ability for executive assistants to work remotely depends on the specific role, company culture, and individual preferences.

Are Executive Assistants in Demand?

Yes, executive assistants are in high demand and are expected to remain so for the foreseeable future. Here’s why:

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Increased complexity of executive roles: Executives today juggle diverse responsibilities and need highly skilled assistants to manage their schedules, communication, and information flow effectively.

Shifting demographics: An aging workforce and talent shortages in certain skill areas create a growing need for experienced and qualified executive assistants.

Focus on productivity: As organizations seek to streamline operations and maximize efficiency, skilled assistants play a crucial role in optimizing executive time and resources.

10 Remote Executive Assistant Jobs in Europe 2024

Here are 10 remote executive assistant opportunities across Europe for 2024:

1. Virtual Executive Assistant in London, United Kingdom:

London, a global financial powerhouse, is home to numerous businesses seeking efficient executive assistants. This role involves supporting C-level executives, managing calendars, coordinating meetings, and handling communication.

Remote Aspect: The position offers the flexibility of remote work, allowing qualified candidates from anywhere in Europe to collaborate with London-based executives seamlessly.

2. Remote Personal Assistant in Paris, France:

Paris, known for its cultural richness, also hosts businesses requiring executive support. A remote personal assistant in Paris may be tasked with handling personal and professional affairs, travel arrangements, and communication management.

Remote Aspect: The role leverages technology to bridge geographical gaps, enabling individuals across Europe to assist executives based in the City of Light.

3. Online Executive Secretary in Berlin, Germany:

Berlin’s dynamic business environment creates opportunities for virtual executive secretaries. This role involves document preparation, email management, and ensuring seamless communication within the executive team.

Remote Aspect: With Germany’s commitment to digitalization, remote executive secretaries can contribute to Berlin’s business scene from the comfort of their own homes.

4. Telecommuting Administrative Assistant in Amsterdam, Netherlands:

As a hub for international businesses, Amsterdam often seeks administrative support. A telecommuting administrative assistant may handle tasks like data entry, scheduling, and assisting with project coordination.

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Remote Aspect: Amsterdam’s embrace of flexible work arrangements makes it feasible for administrative assistants to work remotely from various locations across Europe.

5. Remote Executive Coordinator in Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona’s vibrant business landscape calls for executive coordinators to facilitate smooth operations. Responsibilities may include event planning, project management, and acting as a liaison between executives and teams.

Remote Aspect: Remote executive coordinators can contribute to Barcelona’s business endeavors while enjoying the benefits of working from different European locations.

6. Telework Administrative Support Specialist in Dublin, Ireland:

Dublin’s tech-driven economy requires administrative support specialists. This role involves assisting with data analysis, managing databases, and providing support in various administrative tasks.

Remote Aspect: The remote nature of the position allows administrative support specialists to collaborate with Dublin-based teams without the need for physical presence.

7. Virtual Executive Administrator in Zurich, Switzerland:

Zurich, a financial hub known for its precision, seeks virtual executive administrators. This role may involve handling financial documents, coordinating international travel, and ensuring the smooth functioning of executive offices. Remote Aspect: Remote executive administrators can bring their organizational skills to Zurich’s corporate sector, contributing to the city’s reputation for excellence.

8. Online Executive Office Manager in Brussels, Belgium:

As the administrative heart of the European Union, Brussels requires adept executive office managers. Responsibilities may include overseeing office operations, managing budgets, and coordinating with international stakeholders.

Remote Aspect: The virtual nature of the role allows executive office managers to remotely collaborate with Brussels-based teams, contributing to the city’s administrative functions.

9. Remote Senior Administrative Assistant in Stockholm, Sweden:

Stockholm’s innovative business scene seeks senior administrative assistants. This role may involve high-level administrative tasks, project coordination, and serving as a key support resource for senior executives.

Remote Aspect: The position offers the flexibility of remote work, allowing senior administrative assistants to provide valuable support to Stockholm’s business leaders from various European locations.

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10. Telecommuting Executive Support Specialist in Vienna, Austria:

Vienna’s cultural and economic significance calls for executive support specialists. Responsibilities may include managing executive correspondence, coordinating meetings, and providing general administrative assistance.

Remote Aspect: Telecommuting executive support specialists can remotely contribute to Vienna’s business environment, bringing efficiency and support to executives in the Austrian capital.


These ten remote executive assistant jobs offer a glimpse into the varied and dynamic roles available in Europe’s business hubs. From supporting C-level executives to managing administrative operations, each position reflects the adaptability and versatility demanded in the modern workplace.

As professionals explore these virtual opportunities, they enhance their careers and contribute to the interconnected and collaborative nature of today’s global workforce, transcending geographical boundaries and time zones.

The future of work is indeed remote, and for executive assistants in Europe, it presents a canvas of opportunities to excel, innovate, and thrive in the digital age.